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Lemon Publication

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Jessica Lai
Thien Le
Hannah Lesser
Middy Vella


After talking with a friend about the lack of an arts community on our college campus, we started Lemon Publication. It is a student arts publication showcasing the talented artistic population including artists, performers, and designers, writings, etc. at CMU, and allows for the opportunity for their work to be shared on campus. I assembled a team of 5 friends and we set out to make this a part of our community. We have now released our first issue and are working to publish our second in Spring 2024.

ISSUE 1 & 2



PR + Marketing Materials


A Playful & Zesty Brand


Publication Creation Process

Tone and Values

We began creating Lemon through a lot of brainstorming sessions that were focused around solidifying our purpose, voice, tone, themes, and most importantly how we want to exist within the community.

Systems of Functioning

In addition to making sure our brand identity was cohesive, we wanted to make sure the ways in which we functioned was equally as considered. We generated a lot of systems maps and graphics that helped guide us in how we wanted to work.

Keeping it Up :)

We are now a team of around 17 people, and just finished publishing our first issue. We distributed Issue #01 at our lemonade stand (see right photo). Moving forward, we are working on our second issue, and we are excited to see where Lemon goes!